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  • JaneYing - 24-01-2017 10:38:40 am
    10 /10
    eventhough most people think the acting is not very good..but would't be interesting when you can watch a show that comes from books you read....honestly..i havent read the book...but my opinion this shows interesting to watch btw :)
  • JaneYing - 24-01-2017 9:06:56 am
    10 /10
    its like a step to past world but in the Land of Oz...I'm already attracted to this series now xD <3 love it so much...highly recommended to people who love fantasy series...try it and you might love it....:)
  • JaneYing - 24-01-2017 8:59:28 am
    10 /10
    hope this series are not cancelled...and to be continued..because the story hasn't end yet...love Xavier's character <3 and Evie cute too :D and one more thing no one mention Hank is kinda hilarious tho..xD
  • JaneYing - 24-01-2017 8:52:57 am
    10 /10
    this series has a lot of unexpected twist of plot that makes people said WHAT! xD anyways i m still loving it till now...<3 xD
  • JaneYing - 24-01-2017 8:49:04 am
    10 /10
    just one episodes left and need to wait another 3 months? that is not enough... :(...btw the great storyline and the story make people more curious to watch..love it <3 can wait to see more Lucifer's background story..arghhh..just can't wait xD
  • teddious - 24-01-2017 3:37:49 am
    9 /10
    This review includes spoiler!
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    howard's ideas never fail
  • lukasartz - 24-01-2017 12:53:52 am
    8 /10
    Am I the only person who can't understand a word that Tom Hardy's saying? Other than that, good show
  • nevertheless - 24-01-2017 12:35:52 am
    10 /10
    season 6 is good but something is missing
  • worldsnowy - 23-01-2017 11:41:32 pm
    I love it how you get so mad :D
  • JennyXS - 23-01-2017 10:50:09 pm
    10 /10
  • nevertheless - 23-01-2017 10:49:56 pm
    ppl are right tho there is no point arguing with ya girl you're too damaged,i'm not going to waste my time on you you're just worthless to me so from now on for the sake of this side i'm not even going to respond to such of low level that is yours.try to enjoy life girl find your path or some shit good luck tho..truly
  • nevertheless - 23-01-2017 10:39:51 pm
    Lmaoooo get a life bitch that's all i have to say to you,now if you excuse me i'm going to watch my show,enjoy talking to yourself little homophobic liar look back at your comments if u don't remember you ll see what u wrote see ya
  • worldsnowy - 23-01-2017 10:03:24 pm
    In fact, lets roll back to our first discussion, on the Legends of Tomorrow thread. I opposed a homophobic, while you defended him/her, then I shit talked you and you stopped responding.
  • worldsnowy - 23-01-2017 10:00:21 pm
    also I'd love to know why I'm "homophobic" all of a sudden lol
  • worldsnowy - 23-01-2017 9:52:31 pm
    idk why ur so salty
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